Addison the Bold


Hello. I am back on my website to tell you all of a wonderful story I made. This story got a 98 on Mi Write! I hope you like it!

Mother, can you tell me the legend of Addison the Bold?” asked my awesome 6-year-old daughter. I replied sweetly, “Sure, That is your favorite story after all. This is the story of ancient times when the bees lived. A time of hope for their only savior: Addison.”
 Once, one day, there lived a young woman. This young woman was named Addison, as legends say, she was bolder than a warrior at large. “Ah…” Addison exclaimed. “This life is perfect. It would be better with a problem to solve.” Just then, she spied a newspaper on a bedside table and scanned the help wanted column. Addison was about to put it down when she spotted a help-wanted named, “Help Wanted boulder moved.” She just had no idea how much trouble she’d be in next…
 Addison jumped out of her armchair and rushed out the door, but when she arrived, she saw a man holding a bee in chains. It wasn’t just any bee though. As crazy as it sounds, they measured taller than 10 emperor state buildings lined on top of each other. Addison heard the man say, “You will not move this boulder, for it holds unknown information under it never to be uncovered.” “Yes I shall,” exclaimed Addison. “and no one will have the valor to stop me.” Except, she had no idea what was to become next…
 At that moment, two things happened at once. Addison picked up the heavy boulder, for she was stronger than Superman, and the bee broke free. The bee made a beeline for the hole uncovered. ” I have a hunch,” Addison thought. ” I think there must be more of these colossal animals.” Addison leaped onto the bee’s back then rode it down into the dark tunnel. She found them in a tunnel that was inhabited with bees larger size than the first one she met. Then she saw the queen. She was so ugly even a hag would be jealous! Addison knew she had to fight.
  This took place at the time when mines weren’t discovered yet and this hole was soon to be discovered. The bee went toward the Queen’s chamber, then stopped abruptly. Addison dived off the bee and landed on her feet, for she was more flexible than a rubber band. ” I didn’t expect a bee queen to be my next foe,” Addison said. The bee queen responded. ” I didn’t expect a human as my next foe.” “Now Callos, get out and shut the door, for we have work to do.”
 Addison shuddered. She tried to act braver than she felt. The door was blocked with wide rocks. Addison landed on top of the queen and rode her like a bronco. Then she sang. Wild as it was, the ceiling cracked open and crackling thunder and lightning came out of her mouth, swirling like a tornado. It became hotter than 1,000 suns collided. The queen yelled with outrage and tried to capture her with a net. “You can’t catch me,” Addison taunted.
 Then she picked up the colossal net and covered the queen with it. ” You will be stuck here for the rest of eternity.” She smiled. “Everyone’s troubles will be diminished finally! I’ve waited long enough to do this! At that moment, Addison jumped off a very big armchair and bounded through the ceiling, never to be seen again. But, whenever you happen to be in Kansas and you hear rumbling under a great hill, don’t be fooled. That is the sound of the bee queen and her colony, struggling to get free!